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Close Tolerance Grinding, Surface Grinding

Custom Tooling for Machining, Cutter Resharpening

Our Precision Machining & Grinding Capabilities

Program Optimization Survey™

  • Includes initial interview regarding intended use of product
  • Assure seamless flow of product from receipt to shipment from your plant
  • First and only precision machining company offering the Program  Optimization Survey™

Short run production

  • Save the cost of holding inventory
  • Resolve immediate needs
  • We handle the short run production requirement  that the competition won’t

precision machining company, precision grinding company, CNC machiningQuick response time

  • Faster product to market
  • Immediate response to all inquiries
  • Fastest possible response time in the industry

ISO 9001:2015

  • Consistency throughout  our manufacturing processes
  • Reduced non-conformances
  • Certified since 2003, with zero exceptions in all audits

Prototype Design Service

Lack resources for design?  No Problem.  We have the ability to work directly with our customers to develop products.  This allows us to make changes during and throughout the development process which dramatically reduces time from design to production.

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